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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

March 28, 2011

SEO 5 min read

Importance & Requirement of SEO increased than before

The declaration has been made by cynic in the SEO industry that the SEO is dead according to search engine algorithmic. From SEO industry, the same kind of false alarm has been raised by last few algorithmic. But, SEO is most important and required than before. SEO is live which is confirmed very strongly even SEO has earned better life energies. As long as people are using SEO to search for high quality of information and knowledge, SEO will remain alive. Now, Google is penalizing those websites which have low-quality of content, spam content and using other methods that are against rules and regulations.

The ranking of the various websites and blogs has been affected by this. Some people have taken it wrongly; they think that Google is no longer going to work. But in the whole online marketing scenario, SEO has got a most important place. Your website has to be optimized if you want to rank it in the organic search. However, SEO is much needed and important. There is nothing like that, the SEO is not going to work even it is getting more popularity and challenging. Now, it just demands more qualitative content to get more web presence.


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