Posted by Anal Bhatt

April 04, 2013

How To Use Social Media For Effective Link Building Campaign

Hello Folks, As become Marketers and SEOs , we always getting confused and asked a question to ourselves that How to use social media for effective Link Building Campaign? Today we will discuss a very informative ways to build links for any business.

So, Let’s start with some important points for effective Link building campaign.

At first stage, You need to focus to identify your audience. There are many resources as I will mention over here , that becomes easy for you to find the industry demographic Data. I.e. Comscore,Quantcast and compete. These are paid tools , but they do give you a lot of important stuff for free. Other sources are Social Listening tools , some of are free and some of are paid ones. The free ones are Social Mention and Amplicate. I noticed many times that what people do is , just put in a keyword and it’s going to give you back all the people talking about that keyword. But , actually you only focus that who your audience is ? At last , some of paid tools are Radian6, Scout Labs, and Alterian SM2. These tools are really extensive but also kind of expensive as well. So, Its all upto you what types of tools you actually want to use?

Another Thing , You need to focus to Create an Industry specific persona for yourself. Many times it happens that ,you did your link building through your Twitter account , but when someone actually came back to your profile and they are looking all stuff about link building. They won’t believe you as you are just trying to get a link. So, Create a specific persona with all types of information , contents and posts about your own industry. When you are going through give messaging through email , Make sure your subject are short and natural. You don’t need to use link requests in your subject because I don’t think so , Nobody is going to be interested to open it. So, The moral of the story is , while making these messages stand out of the Box, They actually open the message and read it carefully. One more important thing you noticed that you send email as an actual person, not as a company and also not as a web theme .You also want to include a natural citation because it’s shows up something new rather than using same words like “ Dear sir or Madam “ . It actually affects a lot and people believe that this person has an authority

Social Media For Effective Link Building CamapignThese are the basic things which you are noticed for Link building Campaign. For making an effective Link Building campaign, we have a huge resource of social media platforms like Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin , Google + etc. I know you all are aware with these networks , but here I want to explain you How it will become more effective with proper ways.

Twitter is actually better for outreach link building. Because there will be more chances that people are hit up with more informative and unsolicited conversation. Make sure you just build up your conversation with context. If anyone mention you and asking any question regarding your own industry then don’t send a link to them or don’t answer them like “ Here is my link or pls go with this Link “ . It actual look like a spam. But , instead of doing that you just build up conversation and follow them or send them a direct message. You can also Email them through other profiles and talk to them privately. Build up a continually participation create an effective industry specific persona. People will actually start liking your profile and you can raise your followers by constantly putting up unique content.

In this way , I would like to say that when you update any information regarding your content ,you just need to write relevant hashtags. With those tags your information is going to be spread by many people and it’s easier to develop rapport and then get a link. You can also send funny youtube videos , and infographics , an information about your events or campaign and invite them to join it as an valuable resource . If you are making any content regarding your events and campaign and link back to your site then it will becomes one to many things rather than one to one thing. Because , Many people are getting aware of your one blog post and you can able to get many links in just one resource.

Now , Being an active member you just maintain the repo and the best way to do is just follow them on Twitter with a private list or make link building campaign circle on Google+ . Build up strong Google + profile through sharing the content , your knowledge and also share the links from your own web pages. Now , You can easily contact many people who are engaged in your own industry and build relationship to them . It may even looks natural because they have naturally just link to you again and again and they have seen that you continue to make awesome content.

So, These are the scale able factors that affects link building using social Media. Hope , I delivered you the most effective techniques that will helps you a lot to build a valuable campaign.


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