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Posted by Sanket Patel

July 24, 2011

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Google+ is not the Google’s first attempt in Social Networking world.Google has its presence into social network league from 2004 with the launch of Orkut but success is not that easy for them as they had competition with Facebook and MySpace. Orkut got good response from Brazil and India but not stay that long.In February 2010 Google again comes with new social network named Google Buzz. Google Buzz gives flexibility to users to share publicly with the world or privately to the groups each time they post. Analysts said that Buzz is a attempt to compete with social network giants like Facebook and Twitter,But after a very short period of launching these service were strongly criticized for insufficient privacy concerns. But these is not all Google again mark its back in 2011 with all new exclusive product GOOGLE+ and these time Google not seems to compromise at any point.The New York Times said Google+ is the biggest attempt to rival the social network giant Facebook which had over 750 million users. On July 14,2011 Google declared that Google+ had marked 10 million users just after 2 week of launching in a trail phase.

The last two weeks was full of excitement to the Internet industry,And that is all is just a reaction of the unveiled Google+ limited realize. Everybody wants to know more and more about these new exclusive service by Google and with 10 million users in just 2 weeks. Google gives the sign that they are all set for serious competition with Social Network giants.In its trail launch Google+ has five five elements Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Huddle and Sparks.

Circles give total new flavour to social network users as with this they got flexibility to limit there sharing. The main concept of this project is not to share with big group of friends but to limit it into the small targeted groups.These facility definitely prove as game changer for Google.As we all have multiple interest so with this a user can target its share into desire groups and can maintain their different social life.Google+ permit users to choose their friends into different social circles like friends,classmates,business groups etc. Google really work well in looks and they are almost succeed to make this service attractive and easy to adopt.

Hangouts & Instant Upload:
Google has developed a whole section for just to view and mange multimedia.Photo tab take user to all photos they shared or also to those they are tagged with,Photo editor,Privacy options and sharing features is also a conspicuous part.But I must say that most interesting part of these social service is video chat.Google’s team had observed that group chat still not become trend.Here users get extraordinary luxury as the main concept of Hangout is Instead of directly asking a friend to join the group conversation, click the users instead “start hangout” and they’re immediately in the chat rooms and video alone. At the same time, a message goes out to their constituencies and social, and let them know that their friend is “hanging out”. The result, Google is found in internal testing, is to join friends quickly.The best feature of Hangout is that it is not going to give window for every participant instead of that Google changes the screen to whom who is currently talking.These is very quick process which make these even more beautiful.The maximum 10 member can hangout at a time,wait list is also provided where user can wait to get into conversation or they can wait for someone to leave.

Huddle & Sparks:
Here Google has changed whole search engine into one giant Social Network and a biggest step ever in social network history.As for quick sharing Google recommends whole search results for finding interesting content.Google+ Sparks is a feature which will keep you updated for all your interests.Once you choose your interest no matter it is one or more.You will receive links for all your interests under your profile picture when ever you want to know what is happing regarding your interest just click upon it you will get all the news,updates and information.And if you got seek of any of your interest’s updates just remove it from your interest.It is that simple.

Well Google + company’s answer to the Social biggie Facebook. Talents of both companies, page views and consumers are in hot competition. While Google’s search market control and a strong presence on the mobile phone with Android, it has not been able social nut to crack. The most successful social product, YouTube, was to be acquired, and a history of the company still ranks as the most expensive acquisition.


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