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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

June 27, 2011

SEO 3 min read

Google has updated new PageRank on 27th

On 27th June 2011, Google has updated new page rank. In this year, Google has updated second time its (PageRank). This news is confirmed that Google PR Update. Well, there are various webmasters which still don’t get any PR Update. It may take some time to assign new PR to every domain so it is important that you remember it. One can use the Google toolbar for Firefox to check the pagerank. For some webmaster it brings happiness and for some it’s not work.

Well, Blurpoint has increased its ranking which is one of the most popular SEO service providers. As we all know that Google is one of the best search engines. Webmasters works really very hard to get the top ranking in the Google but it is quiet difficult so make sure you use proper methods and techniques to make your website on the topmost position.


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