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Sanket Patel

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March 04, 2012

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Five significant strategy for Your Blog Usability

SEO gurus and content marketing pros are considering user as a ‘king’. It is so true. Aside to user, we also consider “content is king” and give importance to content of website or blog. Blogs are different forms of website. It contains lots of unique content what actually users want. But, now unique content is not enough for you. It is best to go for weblogs that are special genre of website. It contains unique characteristics. Some of the best tips regarding weblogs and how to make attractive blogs are given here:


‘Navigation’ is necessary, if your website contains huge content. The main aim of navigation is to guide user about new content. With ‘navigation’ option, user can easily check out new content, new user can get detail of content with short period of time. Even, they can able to get idea about how to search out latest content.

Older content can also be found, which are related to newer content. One of the best things about navigation is it cannot change although new content can be added. One can also manage navigation with by including Monthly Archives widget to the blog. While creating navigation, you have to keep some points in your mind like put number of categories, use keywords that explains your site, etc.


According to study of 2009 Google, if your website takes 0.5 second more in loading then you can lose 20% of traffic. Because of fraction-of-a-second load delay, a similar drop in traffic and revenue is experienced by Amazon. If your search result is displayed after 400 milliseconds, then it will increase dropped searches from 0.2% to 0.6%.

One can have to pay much due to minimize the page speed, this is usability 101. Before adding any kind of new feature, it is must to check that whether this feature is loading more or not. Many at times, these flashy features can decrease the performance of website.


Both, tangible things of the onscreen and the focus of your blogs are equally important when it comes to create a user experience that make good impact on your blog. While giving focus to your blogs, many people are committing mistakes like they are trying to please everyone,    hiding behind everyone else, etc.

For focusing people on your website, it is best to narrow down your definition of accomplishment, targeted user and make unique selling proposition.


Do not give much importance to the display of your blog, but make sure that how your visitors are viewing your designing layout on their screen resolution. Remember to give desire result to your user as per their wants. You must target into consideration height and width and line length.

A high screen resolution is included in high-resolution monitors, so users have a habit of browsing in small windows that displays smaller browser window resolution.


Those who are reading articles from your blogs must see the readability. It is about to arrange font in proper way so user can read out easily. For improving readability, one can have to avoid tiny fonts and put contrast font color with background color. It is best to put bullets for explaining points. Make your paragraph short and up to the point.

So, by viewing above points, you must get an idea about how to design your blog by keeping usability elements in your mind. Make use of proper elements and design blog attractively.


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