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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 19, 2013

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After the news regarding 250,000 Twitter user’s account has been hacked earlier in this month by the hackers through gaining admittance to information, inclusive of user names and email addresses, recently it has been heard that the other most popular social networking site facebook got attacked by an anonymous group of hackers. Over a billion of people are using Facebook, and this news has made many users worried regarding their privacy and security. In this regards, the Facebook company has assured its users that the attack was discovered at the earliest stage, and none of the user’s data were hacked or compromised from its servers.

Facebook Hacked

According to the statement given by the Facebook, the malware was installed on laptops used by Facebook employees. When some employees visited a mobile developer’s web site, the attack took place. As per the Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, the attack was infused into the site’s HTML. Any engineer who visited the mobile developer’s site and had Java enabled in their browser would have been afflicted, keeping aside how reinforced their machine was.

As soon as the malware was detected, all the infected machines were rectified by the Facebook company. A detailed investigation has been conducted by the Facebook about this serious issue. However, the users of this social networking site are given an assurance by the Facebook that they are, along with their own internal engineering teams, with law enforcement authorities and with security teams at various other companies are working gradually and carefully in order to get every possible detail regarding this attack. They are working hard, to prevent the happening of this type of attack in the future.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only once sites that are attacked by the hackers. Many other unnamed companies were also attacked by the hackers. There is a need to take some serious actions in order to give a better protection for the users as well as their own systems.

What do you think about this matter? Do you feel any insecurity in using Facebook and the way you communicate online?


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