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February 26, 2013

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Daily Search Recap News: February 26 , 2013

Hi, Folks. Today I represent Search Recap News about the search industry through Very important and Known Search Blogs on the web. You will find the latest information, what is going on in the search Industry through these stories.

Blurbpoint Stories:

Google Dishes Out Widespread Penalties For Advertorials
I really getting surprised while I heard this news, Google Penalized Interflora, a very popular UK flower seller for using advertorials as a way that it boost their site ranking before valentine’s day. But after that it will be notify that Google not only penalized Interflora but also it will be affected the news sites that were placing the advertorials.

Google Webmaster Support Challenges From A Googler
A Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller as u all know him very well shared one of the interesting but kind of frustrating aspect of his job on Google +. I don’t know but somehow he noticed that a site was hacked and he tried to notify the webmaster or site owner through different ways. Why ? Well, he mentioned very pretty story.

YouTube Channel Page Now Only showing the Result of Public Video views.
Keane NG from Google, The YouTube Community Manager , announced the results from YouTube channel that there are number of view counts on your channel page may have dropped due to a change on how Google Counts YouTube views on that page.

Google’s Panda Update Has Turned Two
As you all probably know the Google Panda Updates which was really designed to promote higher quality content from sites in Google’ Search results. Google also laid out some guidelines for what really means the “ quality” and the result will be recover from the huge drop in search visibility by the update through following guidelines.

Secret Door Is An Interesting Google Street View Tour Guide
Co.Exist put the spotlight the tool for browsing Google Street View imagery. That is called the secret Door which simply takes you to random spots around the World using Street view Guide. You just need to do is “ Take me Somewhere else” and move on.

The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing
Did you all know? That 57 % average B2B buyer is through the purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep. And 12 % of a customer are believe that you as supplier have across the entire B2B purchase path. CEB partnered with Google to learn what leading large enterprise.

Google Finance adds Singapore, Korea and Israel stock exchanges and VIX index
That is Good news for all of you who really follow the international Markets, that added three new stock exchanges as well as the Chicago Board of Exchange in dices to Google Finance. You can find the overall concept about that certain changes.

The Daily search recap news giving you latest information about the search Industry. These all stories are very interesting to explore your knowledge and keep in touch with the latest Market Trends.


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