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March 07, 2013

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Daily Search Recap News: 7 March,2013

Let’s get interact with today latest news that what is going on in search industry? What are the scenarios affect to many curious people. Let’s start to become familiar with the Search Industry:

It's Celebrating Time

Celebrating Google Play’s first birthday
Google play has grown rapidly in the last year, bringing more content with so many languages. It also offering more than 700,000 apps and games as partnered with all of the major music companies, movies studios and publishers to bring you the music , movies, TV shows, Books and magazines etc. It’s being one year when Google launched Google play, and now Google celebrating a first birthday with bunch of special offers.

Whats going on update
Google Adwords Enhanced its campaign
Google Adwords Enhanced its campaign , so now that will be easy for attach your local business in new location oriented features and are rolling out globally to help you achieve better results with Adwords whether it is online or offline. It contains many features too through its campaign.

Google+ Rolls Out Major New Visual Updates
Hey, Guys you know Google has started to roll out some major visual improvements to Google + profiles and pages. With the new update you can update your cover photos much larger than before. Google + giving you the chance to make your featured image or message which are really stand out.

Learn About the 7 Factors of Bid Optimization
We know that Search marketing has expanded very rapidly in scale and complexity over the years. Today many of marketers are relaying more with bid optimization platforms to run larger campaigns. In this article, Google explored its key factors to consider when evaluating a search bid optimization platform.

Moz Launched a BRAND NEW TOOL !
That is a great news for all marketers that Moz announced its new tool that fresh web explorer. It is kind of open site explorer, but it is the very good platform for marketers keep track of content of articles, blog posts, forum threads , user comments and other web content also. You can also fetch the competitor’s data as well.

Tech News:

Google’s 10 Best Mobile Apps
Approx 20 % search volume come from the Organic search and others are direct visit come from mobile devices. Mobile searches are increasing dramatically in 2012. Mobile will become the primary way through which people access Google services the next year or so. That’s why Google launches its 10 best Mobile apps in the process developing a Mobile apps.

These are the today’s latest news , I think now you all are getting aware of latest updates.



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