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March 02, 2013

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Daily Recap News : 2nd March, 2013

Here, You find revised news of PPC, SEO and Some Tech news what  happen Yesterday. Our main aim is to provide all industry updates with the same platform. Hope you enjoy our series:

Tech News :

Google Shows ‘How Search Works’ With New Site
I am sure You all are wondered about How Google Search Works? The company launched a new website Friday, That called How Search works? To give you behind the scenes look. It is the best website that you can easily follow the entire life of search query like crawling,indexing , how algorithm works and serve etc.

Review: Password-Management Tools
Guys, It is possible that weak passwords can compromise your business and personal data. Many people are used the same password as easy to remember for all online accounts. But, here I just want to make familiar with you the Password management tools that creates strong passwords and store them all in one place.

Learn How To Integrate Google+ Sign-In With Google Drive Apps
Do you want to learn Google Drive Apps with the latest HTML5 Technologies. I here represent the awesome video to How to integrate with Google Drive Apps.

Let’s catch up through Video:

PPC News:

Are Search Engine Marketers Warming up to Ad Words Enhanced Campaigns?
After releasing of Enhanced Campaigns the biggest upgrade to Adwords in the last 5 years, Search Marketers asking for Google to bring back more Granular targeting options in Adwords. Are Search Engine marketers Warming up to Adwords Enhanced Campaigns? Let’s find out to have a complete review of it.

Latest SEO News:

Taking Shape with Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Creating content has been growing focus for business in the past two years. It has become vital aspect for successful online marketing strategies. Businesses are starting to take more focus on content creation as they really raise the sales results. Through the Infographic it is really very easy to understand that how content works for Marketing? Check out the statistics in the infographic and see how important really is.

Now, You all are aware of the Today latest News. We will going to discuss some more News Tomorrow.

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