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March 01, 2013

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Daily Recap Latest News: 1st March,2013

Blurbpoint Represent today’s Latest information that what is going on in the search Industry and what are the steps ahead the market is grown up. So, Just have a look today’s interesting news:

Latest Updates of SEO:

UX Myths That Hurt SEO – Whiteboard Friday

User Experience and SEO, Means friends or enemies? But we should know the harmony which they built with each other. The negative myths about how UX and SEO interact is the first step on improving both the look and search results of your website. In today’s whiteboard Friday m Rand talks about some persistent UX myths that we should probably ignore.

New German Law Will Allow Free “Snippets” By Search Engines, But Uncertainty Remains

The Good news for search engines like Google is a proposed German Copyright law won’t require them to pay to show short summaries of news content. However, there is some confusion remains how much might be too much and require a license. The new law is expected to pass on Friday.

Social Media News:

Facebook Promotes Graph Search to the Less Than 0.1% of Users with Graph Search

According to facebook hundred of thousand of people are currently using the beta Graph search , Facebook’s new in site search products that the company unveiled in the middle of January. We don’t know exactly how fast facebook is rolling out . But , I think we are safe in saying that the current number of Graph search users is probably closer to 200,000 than 900,000.But even if we go for the highest possible number, that still means that only 0.09% of Facebook users have been given Graph Search.

New Details About Google’s News-Ranking Algorithm Revealed in Patent

What is the secret news of ranking well in Google News? Google News is the largest aggregator of news content on the web , and its news results play a prominent role in many organic search result pages, these factors will be of particular interest to SEO professional attempting to improve their Organization’s visibility in search Results.

Google & BERG Create Stand-alone video chat Box

BERG developed a brief from the Google creative Lab to make physical product that incorporates Google Voice /video chat services. They used research, strategic thinking, hardware and software prototyping to create a device called the Connbox. BERG wanted to challenge the prevalent forms of video communication and connect people in a more physical way.

Mobile Marketing News:

Understanding the full value of mobile: adidas and RadioShack drive in-store traffic with mobile
We live in a multi-screen world where people are constantly connected and moving seamlessly across devices. In today’s world people are connected with the mobile devices keeps them connected anytime and anywhere. They play an increasingly important role in shopping , both online and offline. This era of mobility is bridging the digital and physical worlds , so every Marketers need to fully understand mobile’s impact both online and offline. Here’s a look how two brands evaluate the understanding the full value of their mobile efforts:

These are the Latest News that Today we discussed about. This is more important that to get interact with latest Market News.



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