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Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 29, 2013

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Conversion Optimization With WordPress Blog

As you all know ,This is wordpress On going series, In that we learned So many things about How to make your wordpress Blog friendly ? , As we discuss Last Topic , How to make a perfect site structure for high Rankings? I’ll hope that now you all are familiar with developing site structure very easily.

Conversion Optimization

Now, we come to the point and discuss a very valuable topic that is conversion optimization. What is conversion optimization ?

Conversion optimization is the process to test the variation in page Design and messaging accordingly maximizing the conversion Ratio of website visitors who complete a desired action. It is very much important for e-commerce sites and the sites which have very high traffic levels. Through conversion optimization it would be directly affect on your website traffic and your conversion Rate together , so, Sales can increase dramatically.

I will explain you through Example : If we count as daily basis, 200 visitors come to your website and During this day 6 purchases were made , The conversion rate would be (6/100 * 200) = 12 percent.

What it happens when many bloggers think that they made a perfect Blog and they don’t want optimize anything. But, in actual manner every Blogger wants that To get more people to link to you , more people read your Blog article very rigorously and I think that is easier for you to getting someone who is already visiting your blog to visit regularly and then Link to your Blog. The conversion Optimization plays its vital Role to Bloggers and the Bloggers should need to learn how to make call to actions on their blog so that more people will subscribe , either by email or by RSS. For that Big RSS Subscribe button is very important as it is offering a way to subscribe by EMail. If you found on Serach Engine then You can receive many Tools for offer Daily and Weekly E- Mail subscribe Option Like : MailChimp , mailermailer , emailit , mailup etc. And that is very easy for people to design Email newsletters, share them on social networks.

Another thing I want to suggest you when people might want to subscribe your Blog after reading your article which really very impressive then you should be added more sentences like to the end of the posts like : “Liked My post ? You can also subscribe to my RSS feed and get more impressive Blogs !”

Conversion Optimization Tips:

1)Explain what you do :
You should have very clear information on your homepage , that tend to more visitors to visit your site and will be able to quickly and easily figure out about all the Information. If people can not figure out exactly what you do , how can you expect to turn them into customers.

2)Structure your Navigation :
Keep your site Navigation structure very curiously and try to make your navigation down as you have few elements. It has no doubt if you make Dozen links in your Navigation , but you have to be make sure that they are well organized in a way to help visitors easily choose the right page.

3) Include a site search box :
To have a “Search Box” in your site , that gives perfect results every time. This will be a great way to help visitors to find specific products , features or information in a quick way without having to scan bunch of pages. This search Data will helpful you to tell what people are looking for , that will be easy for you to better promote those areas and increase your sales.

4) Use consistent formatting:-
It’s your site and you should make it with consistent formatting. It is very important to carry consistency from one page to the next. So, That visitors are able to figure out all the information with better navigation. This really can affects to get more visitors and more sales.

5) Add unique product information:-
Describe the unique voice of your products that is more important to increase conversion Rate. You should give the descriptions with your personal touch that will be useful for your visitors to get the right information in right way. It makes a positive result to your product which stands out among the competition.

Another most important thing to get people to subscribe is when people are commented on your blog for the very first time. Which we will discuss on the Next topic on Comment optimization.



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