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December 03, 2013

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Sticking to its legacy of imparting knowledge on internet marketing to the prominent IT companies in Gujarat, Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd., this time decided to come up with a comprehensive guide on the various channels of internet marketing. The seminar for the very first part of the series was conducted on 30th November at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA).

Ahmedabad Management Association
Monish Vora

Once again, the show was honoured by the presence of all the attendees from various IT companies from Gujarat. Hosted by Anal Bhatt and presented combinedly by Monish Vora and Tejas Kirodiwal, the 2 hour seminar managed to generate a lot of interest amongst all the attendees.

Tejas Kirodiwal

The aim of Monish’s presentation to educate the attendees on the various aspects of Social Media Marketing was received very well by the audience. The almost 45 minute presentation covered some important topics depicting the meaning, evolution and the popularity of social media through various social networking sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Also the insights on how these platforms are actually helping businesses to gain immense popularity was explained. What exactly does social media have in store for search marketers and how it could be incorporated with the SEO and PPC campaigns were the key highlights of the presentation.

The audience’s delight was evident when they got to know some of the lesser known secrets of various social networking sites that could be incorporated into an online marketing strategy.

The second part of the seminar was taken over by Tejas, who with his 45 minute presentation on PPC marketing attracted a lot of interest for this paid version of online marketing. He gave valuable insights on the history of PPC and how Google is actually generating revenue. Along with the benefits of PPC, he also bifurcated the various branches of Adwords Marketing, which was quite interesting for the audience. He appropriately addressed the audience’s concern and promptly answered the queries that came up. The example of “How Google Ranks Me”, was found to be quite informative clearing all doubts in the attendees’ mind regarding the ranking factors on PPC.

Furthermore, his explanation on how the CPC is calculated and some cheats to bring a brand to the top of the PPC listings was quite engaging.

Followed by the presentation, we had a Q&A session in which the audience participated with all the questions based on what had been discussed and was taken off well, especially by Tejas.

Thanks to Pinal Sathvara for her valuable insights during the preparation of this presentation.

Many thanks to the organizers of the event, Venkatesh Pillai and Hiren Vaghela, who along with the efficient assistance of Shubham and Bakul managed the event flawlessly.

Finally, all this would not have been possible without the vision of the three founders of the firm – Mr. Sanket Patel, Mr. Maulik Patel and Mr. Harshal Shah. Their constant support has made all the events a major success.

Managing Directors of Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd


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