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Posted by Sanket Patel

January 18, 2013

SMM 6 min read

As we all know, Facebook is one of the well-known and most popular online social networking sites with over one billion monthly active users. Recently, Facebook has launched a brand new feature “Graph Serach” that offer its users to head out to the Internet through data, which Facebook already possesses. This great feature can help the users to look across others’ profiles. Through Facebook Graph Search, you can overtly share your knowledge, advices, and content to the globe.

Facebook has shared certain elementary points regarding how one can enhance the visibility of his/her Facebook Page when users execute any kind of searches. With the help of Graph search, one can assist the disclosure of their business through optimization of various areas like:

  • The information such as name, category, vanity URL and other that you share in the “About” section, helps the people in a great way to find your business.
  • You can also update your address if you are having a location or local place page, in order to appear when someone searches for a particular page.
  • Your main aim should be focusing and serving the targeted fans or audiences. There should be a proper and right reason in order to make your fans interact with your content on a continual basis.

The users will be able to refine their searches by using filters on the basis of category, place, location, name and many more. The Graph Search tool will publish results based on different features such as the check-in’s, likes, connections and various other information collected by Facebook regarding your business.



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