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Posted by Anant Patel

December 17, 2011

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In Internet marketing, I think that you have all heard about B2B marketing. But now B2B marketers are focusing on their business and trying to serve directly to consumers. These B2B companies want to make their selling cycle shorter from cost to nature of purchase of the product. For this, they are searching for one permanent solution that makes it shorter and easier for both consumers and to company. The business companies are more targeting on business with single consumers rather than multiple decision-makers and influencers. By seeing results, they are using internet marketing techniques to reach their approach of making a direct relationship with consumers rather than a business buying experience.

To B2C, a holiday season providing many reasons to them to do more practices and becomes the best in online marketing and gets more business from it. On the internet, competition is going very tough for online consumers, so companies should have to be clear that in their mind which Internet Marketing strategies are best and used by them to increase business. Below, I want to discuss some points which are very helpful for B2C marketers, which helps you to get more sales online:

Understand Your Audience

Today, all companies are taking the help of social media because social media is a real-time application and also well known and used by people on a very wide range. With the help of  Social media, companies can directly interact with consumers and share their views very easily. You can engage your targeted traffic on your site with the help of this social media, and it will help you to learn many things about consumer view, about your products that you never think about them in previous time. This thing helps you to get targeted traffic in a modified way to increase brand awareness and motivate engagement. And it will help you to improve your brand more and more.

Own Your Brand

Before sometime when an international restaurant chain based in Minnesota showing their interest in the creation of a Facebook page. But they find that on social media sites already thousand of pages are present and all those pages are created by their fans on behalf of their products. The association was capable as well as talented in order to analyze what their fans were doing and the association also purposefully set up their corporate Facebook occurrence apart from the fan pages. A Facebook page already had 3.7 million fans and going to become a major hub for that merchandise in a very short time. Right now also many users want to do an interaction with the site and already it has a high interaction rate. Now customize landing page is also created by them to add more fans to their social media site.

Capitalize on User Generated Content

Michael Dehaven who is an SEO specialist, after completing his service he said that 80-90% of the total content is generated by the users on all eCommerce sites. Only this research is enough to motivate all B2C marketers to do research to know that, what their consumers are thinking about their brands and their competitors. From the above research, the companies move one step forward and searched for strong keywords and build the best social media techniques for their site. Like other marketers, you also have to use the best ideas and make deals more and more attractive to explain your offers instead of thinking that what you consume are describing for the product or services.

Respond properly to negative views

For the last few months chapstick is passing from his bad days.  Chapstick is rounded by the media due to its strange advertisement which generated a lot of misunderstanding in people and get negative feedback from them. Chapstick does not try to solve their problem and handled consumers feedback very poorly, all these thing effects and do harm to brand reputation, which one is the most important thing for the company and their product to get business. After all this, instead of listing or responding to consumers for their feedback they are simply deleting negative feedback and refusing to respond to consumers for their feedback. Deletion of feedback work as added fuel in the fire. After all this, they are trying to protecting their brand with the help of advertisements instead of hearing that what consumers are saying to them. After some time, Chapstick apologies for his mistake but, here I think that it was too late. If they did this thing before then they can save the company and product reputation in the market as it is.

Here, I want to ask you one question. How do you think that Chapstick can handle this situation better than it is? By doing real-time research and listing to the crowd at first, they have to create consumer-friendly product advertisements. If, they do promotion of brand to do help of the consumers which saying that the brand is not better but it is best. Due to this, the consumer becomes excited and wants to share this information in their network that the company is with them and they are selling the best product, so it will help to increase the visibility to Chapstick even more. Whatever the best solution in the real world to solve any of the problems is that first listen to what others are saying and give a response to their negative feedbacks properly. This is only one of the best ways to solve the problem in a perfect manner, company knowing that those consumers are unhappy with them but after these entire consumers share this information to others.

Build Brand Loyalty

If anyone wants to make an effective relationship with consumers then they have to do effective research and interact with consumers. With the help of this research, you get an idea and understand that which kind of information consumer like to share and consume. If you provide the best feedback service and stand to do help and solve queries at any time of your consumer via using social media services and other web services, then I think that it is the best way to serve them. This will help to build awareness for the brand and promoting confidence in you for loyalty. There are lots of techniques such are doing promotion or offering some discount on merchandise to get business on old merchandise or aware you consumer some “insider information” generally which is not known by public will helps you to increase your sale and brand awareness in people.

To do effective online marketing you have to use many strategies which are more powerful and perform best in the market. For this, you have to do lots of research, creation, measurement, be able to accept any new techniques and work with them, analyse competitor’s techniques and use better techniques from them for your site. After all this, you can see many benefits which are more than the value of its cost. If you are a B2C marketer then I am very curious to know what disasters are faced by you and how you have (or haven’t) come out from that situation?

Effective online marketing often requires massive amounts of research, creation, measurement, and adaptability.  However, the benefits can far outweigh the costs. If you are a B2C marketer I am curious to know what mishaps you have faced and how you have (or haven’t) overcome them?

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