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Posted by Anant Patel

September 06, 2013

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Google is not answerable to you as to why it is punishing your website. However, it has given you guidelines, which if not followed, will result in penalization. The same applies to your blogging website that is stuffed with all kinds of blogs. A website with lots of guest posts is only creating problems for itself. So, rather than turning your blogs into article banks, it is better to ensure that you avoid the following problems.

You don’t know when your blog turns into an article site

Similar to an article site, where people keep on uploading articles frequently, Google will perceive your website as an article website for the same reason. Your website is set up to be and meant to be a blog site. But, what you have is an article site that has the structure and the blog navigation system similar to a blog. This doesn’t comply with the guidelines of Google, which may result in severe punishment for your site.

Your blogs are maintained miserably

You are being very indifferent with your blog if you are not writing a weekly post for it. Once the blog maintenance is skipped, there are serious chances that you may get penalized by Google. A post low in quality, or lack in updating of the RSS feeds, will bring your blog to a roadblock, where the only thing it will get is harsh punishment. Too many internal broken links or too many links to useless sites will definitely attract penalties from Google.

The guest posts are turning more into a link farm

Link Farm

This happens when you are careless about what is being uploaded on your blog by other people. The motive of having a blog is to have a line-up of posts on a particular topic or theme. You are just having an ordinary article site if your posts are not based only on a particular topic. Special care has to be taken in terms of what is being posted on your website. A collection of mixed articles will only make your blog seem like a link farm, where people just upload articles for the sake of earning a link. Google detests this.

The quality of the content is pathetic

A search engine-friendly content is one that should be high in quality and consistency. Low-quality content will be penalized. Make a habit of reviewing the blog posts for their quality and their relevance with the topic which will save you from being dragged down in the SERP’s and be punished.

Over optimized content for search engines

If the content on your blog is overstuffed with keywords or contains awkward SEO phrases then you are bound to get penalized. The crawlers will at once understand why a nasty sentence or phrase has been used. If repeated use of the same tactic occurs, you know what the results are.

Bad sites linked

Bad site linked

Google is quite glad to give you back the results, for the things that you do with it. This is the reason why you need to be extra careful while accepting the links on your blog. Linking to websites that contain malware will definitely get penalized. Also, linking to those sites which only exist for Black Hat SEO reasons will result in severe damage to the reputation of your site. Google will definitely not let you cut loose and take the search engine for granted as there are also a bunch of other factors that Google considers while indexing and ranking your website.

It’s good to play safe. Try linking to those sites that have no wicked intentions for their existence and with law-abiding sites. Keep a practice of checking what your guest bloggers are posting.

These are the basic mistakes committed by guest posting websites. The same could be avoided if you have an efficient team or hand over the project to an SEO firm, which could effectively monitor the various aspects required in the management of a blog.


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