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Posted by Vikram Rathore

June 26, 2017

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An Expert Interview with Nathan Gotch – Founder of Gotch SEO

Blurbpoint has invited a special guest – Mr. Nathan Gotch who is a world renowned SEO expert and entrepreneur to answer few questions which can enhance our knowledge relating to SEO and digital marketing. He is the founder and CEO of Gotch SEO – an SEO training and consulting agency which leading this competitive industry of digital marketing.

He discovered SEO during his college days, and after achieving positive results in his projects, SEO become his addiction and passion. After that, he started exploring SEO and test different strategies by working on different niche SEO projects. Performing rigorous trials & errors, he developed his own specialized SEO strategy which he repeatedly uses to help medium and large businesses across the USA, achieves success in terms of ranking and revenue generation. Here we present to you the interview we had with this SEO expert answering all the questions which Blurbpoint always wanted to ask to grow as an SEO company and explore new opportunities.

Nathan Gotch Interview

Vikram Rathore: How do you describe content marketing and its importance in Digital marketing?
Nathan Gotch: It’s everything! When you think about, every single thing your brand does online is content marketing. Every word, every image, every video, your emails, your products, your customer support, and even customer experience is all a part of your content marketing. That’s why you need to be strategic with everything you brand does online.

Vikram Rathore: What’s a good strategy for getting more people to find your content in the top place?
Nathan Gotch: I’m biased towards SEO, so I would say create incredible keyword-targeted content assets and promote them like crazy until they rank on the first page of Google. After that, focus on creating valuable micro-content on the social media platforms.

Vikram Rathore: How do you decide which content topics to focus on end client on and what format that content should take?

Nathan Gotch: I do extensive keyword research and then try to validate my ideas for creating anything. Validation can come in the form of search volume, but it can also come from a general interest in a topic. For example, if you’re trying to find content ideas on a forum, you may find a topic that has many views and replies. That is validation because people are showing interest in that topic.

Vikram Rathore: How to assist a content writer to craft a valuable piece of content which fulfill your needs? Any helpful tools or suggestions.

Nathan Gotch: This is a challenging because the expert-level content is hard to replicate. But with that said, my company uses standard operating procedures/workflows to craft content assets.

Vikram Rathore: What metrics can help to improve your writing and performance?

Nathan Gotch: Easy. Did the content drive social shares, backlinks, new subscribers, leads, or sales for your the company? If the answer is “Yes”, then congratulations 🙂 – if it’s no… then the content strategy needs to be reassessed.

Vikram Rathore: Recently “Google Issues a Warning About Guest Posting to Build Links” – By SEJ. SO what is your take on it?

Nathan Gotch: All I can say is use branded anchor text if you are getting a bio link. If you can get a backlink from the body of the content, then you’re golden. Think of guest posting as a way to grow your brand. This simple mindset shift can do a lot.

Vikram Rathore: What is the best way to outreach giant authority website and get the content live?

Nathan Gotch: You have to build a relationship and be patient.

Vikram Rathore: What trends will be impacting content creation in the near future?

Nathan Gotch: AI and VR will probably shake things up.

Vikram Rathore: What do you consider to be the most serious challenges for the blogger or SEO specialist? What challenges have you faced at the beginning of your career and How have you overcome them?

Nathan Gotch: The biggest challenge is always going to be breaking into an industry when you are A) unknown and B) don’t have enough credibility to garner respect from your peers. This takes a long time and you need to be patient. You have to focus on giving unique value on a consistent basis for a long time. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but no one said this game was easy.

Vikram Rathore: Whom do you follow in this industry? Suggestions for the readers to follow.

Nathan Gotch: Ryan Stewart, Ross Hudgens, and Jason Acidre

Vikram Rathore: What is the other side of Nathan Gotch either being an SEO Specialist?

Nathan Gotch: I’m known for my SEO experience, but what I do on a daily basis is build my company. Weirdly, I don’t do much SEO anymore because my team handles most of those processes.


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