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Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 18, 2013

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A Step By Step Guide For Using Twitter As Marketing Tool

Now a Days, Social media becomes a huge platform for sharing our thoughts,information and also a great content. Twitter is one of them, which is a tool for “micro-blogging” and have an option to share updates ,comments and also your views. It is one of the best applications for mobile uploads. It is the micro – blogging platform, it has raise your curiosity that how to get started? Well, To get the right direction of twitter you need to build a network and then start using a few tools.

Twitter is a open forum, So you can restrict unwanted people with whom you don’t want to chat ,or don’t make further connection with them. It is a real time social Networking site and for connecting with others in real time with the follow people and also people began to follow you. And it is completely proved as a Marketing and PR tool. Learning how to use this fun, free and useful tool and I am sure you will be able to use Twitter so well that defines you “digitally” famous.

Step by Step Guide1)Engage your CEO in social media :
Social networking is a fantastic way to have a discussion with your industry and mange relationships with leads, clients, consumers and other influencers.  But if we talking about CEO, the common tracks to social press can be difficult. Specifically if you are a bigger or international organization.  A CEO generally has little a chance to create a weblog or response plenty of information and friend requests on Facebook. But, Twitter is restricted to 140 figures per update, so it is all about brief ideas and feedback.  If your CEO can deliver a word, they can use Twitter from anywhere on the globe as a promotion and PR device.

2)Stay Connected with Bloggers :
It is really very easy to get connection to whom you want to “follow” on Twitter. After getting following them , might be you will get surprised too to see they also following you as well. That will be easy to search the famous Bloggers in Twitter and get updates from their latest articles and you can direct share your views or your opinions too. This is an easy procedure to connect with influence people in the Market.

3)Promote your Brand:
To promote your Brand and company on Twitter is obtained a very good result of traffic and leads. When you creating a Twitter account you should fields all details with company’s website with personalizing your account’s background and interface to match your company’s branding. So, more people get aware of your Brand. You can also analyse the competitor strategy for having a large and active community. See what techniques work for them and think a way on how you can use it to your own ways.

4)Make a Special Offers or deals:
Twitter is a great option to announce various deals and special offers to large audience. Through Twitter your business can begin promoting “ Daily Deals “ which are exclusively reached to your twitter followers. It is really very interesting to make a creative Twitter promotions like the next 40 Twitter followers will receive a free coupons. Twitter allows you to expand your audiences reach even further.

5)Get Live updates for Special events :
You can announce your own corporate Event and participate in a large trade show in Twitter. It is an easy way to publicize changes made in the last minute and publish a cool event.

6)Promoting Blog articles, Webinars and News :
In Twitter it is an easy way to promote your articles, Webinars and Interesting News about your site. It takes only several times to posting your Blog article and News in Twitter. You can also publish your articles which are relevant to your type of business then It would be better for your Business. If you will arrange some webinar then you can also post a link of those as well.

These all are the points that you can use Twitter for multiple purposes like Marketing and PR. Make your Twitter Task very interesting for making Marketing purposes.



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