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Posted by Tejas Kirodiwal

July 10, 2013

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A moment of pride for Gujju SEO Professionals

Gujju SEO Professionals, do they exist? Yes, they do. Gujarati guys in the field of Internet Marketing are there and how? They are in fact doing a marvelous job. How is that possible? The answer can be found in the below published Bar Graph.

No. of Search Marketing Companies in Indian States

Yes, Gujarat follows up after Delhi with more than 120 well established Digital Marketing companies and this has been possible only because of the analytical and expert digital brains of Gujaratis. The search industry in Gujarat is populated by young people and gets a good support from the sister companies settled in Abroad.

It is estimated that there are more than 5000 SEO folks in Gujarat who are an active part in companies and online at Freelancing platforms.

Reason for this Growth:

Low Labor cost: Employment cost in the search marketing industry is comparatively low than other states namely Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi.

Uninterrupted Electricity Supply: Local Government is very alert in terms of developmental opportunities, and appropriate attention is dedicated to IT zones where electric power is supplied uninterruptedly.

Low Internet Cost: Internet facilities are cheaper as compared to other states which enables a youngster to spend more time in R&D with regard to Search Industry trends and updates.

Great Talent: Gujju’s are always considered as the business minded breed with exceptional analytical & interpretational skills.

Great Client Satisfaction: As mentioned in the above point, Gujjus are best when it comes to mind, smart and analytical always, so as a result Gujju SEO folks have been delivering satisfying results to existing clients, which in turn bounces back with recurring business and new referral clients as well.

Well Established SEO Companies: Companies like Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Target SEO, e-Intelligence, Dots and Coms and many others which got established 5-6 Years back have great human resource and a huge Client Portfolio. This is a feather in the Hat of Gujarat IT Industry!

So taking proud on the success and the growth is justified for Gujarati SEO people, rather Gujju Internet Marketers.


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