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Posted by Chirag Rawal

March 10, 2014

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Local SEO is getting more important nowadays as, if done efficiently, it works to inform the people from your targeted local area about the existence of your business. This helps big time if you have a local business or even if you have a branch in a certain area and are looking to attract local customers. In order to dominate a certain market, a business couldn’t afford to neglect the people who form part of a specific local area. Local SEO comes handy when you want to get an edge over the major business houses in your nation by ranking higher and getting found by the local audience on search engines. Local SEO is even more helpful to target mobile users who use the GPS system to find a local business in their area, and most of them would mine the results from Google search engine. Link building, as a whole, is continuously evolving with more refined and proven techniques to keep up with the search engine updates and improve the SEO. 2014 is going to make it a more exciting and a dynamic component for local link builders.

For 2014, it will be all about getting found from the crowd with a difference. Content will still rule, even for local SEO. It becomes a little tough for the small businesses to dominate their local market. It is not quite easy to dominate the local market, as your business website is dependent on a lot of factors for your business.

how to add business to google

Get Your Business On Google Maps: The function of Google maps and Google location are one and the same. You will be automatically put up on Google Maps when you sign up for Google locations. It is a bit longer process as you have to sign up first, followed by validating your ownership and the place of your business.

It also includes some manual process, as you have to wait for the Google admin staff to read what has been posted by you and then verify where you are situated on the index of the location. Still, it is effortless from your side and a local business has to be aware that a lot of apps use the Google maps and the data that is held within.

Submission to Local Websites: It is vital for all local businesses to go with local website submissions. These websites help you in marking your authority in the local market. If all the required details are given to these websites while submitting, not only will they help you in gaining higher ranking in your local market, but will also help in growing the business. You could ask you satisfied customers to give their positive feedback on these websites, because these reviews will count in the ranking factors of Google.

classified ads

Submission to Classified Ads Site: This technique also comes handy because classified ads are submitted to attract the people from a local area with exciting offers. These ads could be submitted on the local ads submission sites. This helps promote your business directly and also earn rankings on Google. The ad descriptions should always include high quality image, attractive enough to propel the customers to get in touch with you.
Local Directories: Local directories are a sure shot way of increasing the website traffic. These directories exist for a reason. They are because people are looking for various kinds of businesses under various categories. And the local business directories provide them just the right thing. With numerous categories available for all types of business, you could submit the details of your business with the key information including your contact information. Enter enough description so that the visitors could understand what they will get when they come to your site. Go for authoritative sites and those preferred by your top competitors, as Google will start liking you and will rank you for the same.

social media encompasses large

Mention Your Business On Social Media Profiles: It is strongly recommended to mention your area and the address, in short the contact information while building your Facebook business page or your LinkedIn profile. If the profile bio of your social network page links to your website, Google will help in getting your site ranked better.

Also it will help if you create a few posts about the business on your social networking profile and add your location details on a few of them. This will help Google locate your business for relevant keywords and show it to your local, targeted audience.

local guest posting

Local Guest Blogging: Yes, we all are aware of what Matt Cutts had to say about guest blogging. However, Google is only against the wrong ways. The whole SEO community is buzzing about what could be the right way of doing guest blogging. Well, the right way could only be when you limit your guest blogging and no do it on any site that comes across while looking to post. Quality content would ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything. It is a good practice to target local websites for guest blogging. Of course, it could prove to be a daunting task finding a high quality website, but once you do get hold of it, it will prove to be a boon for your local link building task.

Local Blog Commenting: It is evident that blog commenting is still alive, however there were no traces of this link building method being dead. One could do blog commenting that is relevant and meaningful only on high quality local blogs. Remember going with spammy website or building spammy comments will only damage your business very badly.

Don’t forget to optimize your website: This step is the easiest of the lot as you just have to enter your contact information in the Contact US or even on the About Us page with the mention of the local area. Google expects your contact information on your own site, so make sure never to skip this part. Again, there are people who enter the information at the footer of the homepage. This is not a bad practice at all as it helps Google in understanding the area where you are situated. However, having the local business address added on the Contact Us page will bring more attention from Google.

Follow these basic SEO techniques and you are sure to dominate your local market slowly, but surely. However, always ensure that once you have the customers on your site, they should be treated with some great information with the help of adept content marketing skills.


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