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December 03, 2012

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5 Things that Make Your Blog Visitors Excited

Do you know how to enhance your blog rank? how to win more visitors to your blog? Make them excited. When they’re excited, they will come again to your blog. They will share your blog content. They will let people know about how great your blog is. And the result will be obvious. You will get more traffic. It’s just from one key secret: make your visitors excited with your blog. If you can do it, you’re guaranteed to secure more readers, traffic, and income. But, how can you do that?

Here are 5 things that make your blog visitors excited:

1. Your style
Your content is not what will make your visitors excited about your blog. It’s your style in presenting that content which will make them come again to your blog. Every good blog will have their unique style of presentation. And that’s exactly what makes their visitors want to explore those blogs more and more. You may give them usual information that they can get anywhere else, but with your unique style of writing or presentation, your usual information that you give them become unusual, even extraordinary.

2. Unpredictability
Your visitors read your blog post because they want to learn something from it. However, when they see your blog title, they will expect something to be learned from that particular blog post. But, here’s the twist. If you can exceed their expectation, you’ll easily make them excited. Unpredictability is a factor that you should consider in blogging because it will give you more power to persuade your blog visitors. Suppose that you want to tell them about the secret of blogging. Instead of giving them the usual boring information, give them something different that will exceed their expectation. In this way you’ll make them excited.

3. Your response
Your visitors will look forward to hear your response regarding their question. This is what makes your blog post more exciting to them. Blog comment is the spot that you’ll need to pay more attention to. Although I don’t recommend indulging in too much conversation in your blog comments, it is nevertheless an important thing to keep your visitors interested with your blog by giving good response to them. It is one reason that will keep your visitors want to look at your blog post over and over again.

4. Your insights
Your insights regarding a topic will fascinate your visitors and persuade them to read more of your content. Why? That’s because your insights are like gems buried in the sand. The more they find them, the more they’ll become excited. When you write a blog post, make this one goal in your mind: you are writing this blog post to inspire your readers. You’re going to share your insights to your readers and make them want to learn from it. Don’t let the wrong mindset to destroy the fun of your blog. Writing your blog post with the wrong mindset such as “I’m going to make money with this blog post” will usually end up becoming too commercial blog post that will not give any value to your readers.

5. The knowledge that you offer
It’s okay to have one or two exciting blog posts in your blog. And it will excite your readers enough and make them want to learn from them. But, what if you have hundreds of exciting blog posts like these? Will your readers feel even more excited with your blog? Yes, of course. They want to explore your blog and absorb as much information from it as possible. What I want to say is that instead of having one or two good blog posts, it is better for you to have all your blog posts good and exciting. If you do it, you will be able to transform your blog into a good resource for your readers. The more people learn from you, the better.

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