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August 25, 2010

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17 SEO Tips for Your Campaign

If you’re in the seo firm from the last few years and wished to enhance your marketing campaign then its highly important to know the seo trends, tactics, and techniques which is rapidly keep changing. Who ever is involved in seo business may have their own varied ideas of what works and what doesn’t. Here we’re providing you 17 seo tips which will help you to avoid mistakes and enable you to carry a successful campaign.

1.Perform keyword research Before you begin, its highly important to do researching of keywords which you want to use, as its not only important for your seo campaign but also can affect your strategy.

2.Don’t use the same Metas for every page. For each and every page selection of meta and title tags should be unique. Always ensured yourself to use only keywords and engaging titles.

3.Don’t try to deceive the search engines.Try to avoid overusage of keywords, hiding text, or creating doorway pages. You may come across unethical forms of seo. As per the latest search engines supporting ethical seo, also create a well-thought out web page having unique content and making navigation easy.

4.Avoid low quality links. Make sure that not all links created equally. Instead of opting link farms for availing links, do research certain popular websites before having links from them. One is Alexa ranks that helps in checking popularity along with page rank. Need not to worry if your page rank is low as it will be explained to you.

5.Avoid using links with the same anchor text. You must keep noticing that Search engines will not accept those links which keep using the same anchor text and description which are already repeated in short span.

6.Don’t overdo reciprocal links. Always use reciprocal links in small amount as then only they’ll able to maintain validity, and also when the links are relevant for your business. Always keep diverse set of links, including links to blogs, forums, articles, social media bookmarking, and much more.

7.Don’t become obsessed with page rank. Make sure that page rank amounts a small part in your seo campaign. There are many factors which influences the page rank and is also a complicated process. If you’re page rank is low then need not to worry as low rank page can turn out to be successful, availing more visitors.

8.Do network with other Website owners. This step will widened your way in order to avail advices, way to learn, and exchanging links. In future such relationships can turn out to be a mutually beneficial step.

9.Make site updates regularly. Always keep eye on out-of-date website as it may turn out to be worst. Always keep updating your site with latest information, news and events, and with fresh contents. If in case you want to catch the eye of the search engine robots then constant updates are must.

10.Don’t compete for single keywords. Besides, keep competing for keyword phrases. As a result your site will gain relevancy in search results. For example, your company who is selling jewelry boxes, and you try to compete for the term “boxes”, lots of people who will come across your site will search for cardboard boxes, hat boxes, and other types of boxes, and will not stay in touch with your site once they will come to know that you’re not selling for what you’re promising or what they’re looking for. But when you will compete for the phrase “jewelry boxes”, then chances will be high as customers who’re looking for jewelry boxes will immediately find you and also will stay longer.

11.Research your competition. Its important to know what the competition is all about which includes what they’re doing on their website, and from where they’re getting links, etc.

12.Design your Website to be SEO friendly. When you plan for website design then its definitely an SEO strategy. Always take care that not too much flash and graphics should be used, as the search engine robots will crawl only the text not the images. For this Good Meta and Title Tags along with fresh and engaging contents must be there. If you’re planning to design your website then must hire seo expert.

13.Use text links instead of images. If in case you’re using JavaScript, then must use text links as spiders will not follow JavaScript.

14.Keep localization in mind. Several benefits are there for reaching out to the local audience. Besides gaining local customers that includes location-based keyword phrases, such as “detriot auto body shop,” will be a boost as you’ll have less competition for that keyword.

15.Don’t ignore the power of content. Always remember the fact that nothing drives the website like a good content. Ensured yourself that your content must be engaging, original, and well researched. Always use keywords strategically ( so that they can fit in with the natural flow of text). Article submission is best way to utilize your content.

16.Always proofread. This step should be given some important as no doubt you may come across typos and content mistakes on web pages usually. But if you’re making a web page full of incorrect information, mistakes, as well as typos, then it means showing your company quite unprofessionally.

17. Don’t Give Up! If you’re planning to hold seo business, then do not forget that its not accomplished overnight. It may take long time and process along with hard work. Sometimes both with trial and error. So keep trying and don’t give up your effort.

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