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Posted by Hardik Oza

April 22, 2013

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10 Extreme Q’s & A’s On SEO By Matt Cutts In 2013

It’s my pleasure to write a post on a veteran’s findings on SEO. Here, I m going to illustrate a few Questions and Answers which were discussed by Matt Cutts in theshortcutts.com.

In 2013, Matt Cutts had answered some queries regarding SEO. So, I thought that, sharing the same, might help SEO people in their endeavors to optimize a website.

A detailed briefing on the Q & A session is given below:

Que 1: Does Google still need text to understand my site ?

Matt Cutts: Yes, Daniel Roofer asked this question. Matt Cutts liked the question and told that Google does still need a text. If you have a text image site, it should have some text that is given in the title.

Que 2: Will Google suspect that useful links on our site are paid ?

Matt Cutts: No, This question was asked by Greg M from Vancouver to which Matt told that in most cases they don’t take actions, but sometimes it may happen if some site suspects to sell a link, they may take strong action against the website.

Que 3 : Is WordPress Or Blogger good For SEO ?

Matt Cutts: Both Good, In reply of Vicki2810’s question, Matt told that he had a good experience with both WordPress and Blogger. Further, he added that Blogger is very simple and easy. You do not need to download it. WordPress has many flexibilities and customization. Finally, he told that both have their own pros and cons and good for search engine ranking.

Que 4 : Will multiple internal links with the same anchor text hurt the ranking of a site ?

Matt Cutts: Typically Not, This was Rob’s question and Matt replied that typically it may not happen that too many internal links with the same anchor text may result into downgrading.

Que 5 : If a site linking to mine, gets caught selling links, what will happen to my site ?

Matt Cutts: You will lose the benefit of that link. Matt gave an answer to Sergey L’s question. He told that it’s fine if some site is selling a link, this is termed as a link seller site. The page will rank down 30% to 40% and further, you will lose the benefit of that upcoming link.

Que 6 : Why does the ranking of a page keep on changing over a period of time ?

Matt Cutts: More info becomes available to determine rank. Matt found this a funny question saying that it’s a complete task for the search engine. The result may change over a period of time due to link exchange or the change of content on page. Basically, we are better to access the pages which are more relevant. So, the ranking is expected to fluctuate with the passage of time.

Que 7 : Should I add an archive containing thousands of pages all together ?

Matt Cutts: Should be fine in one go, but probably add in stages.
Matt said that it can be handled in either way.

Que 8 : Should I disallow crawling of all JavaScript Files of my site ?

Matt Cutts: Not recommended, Matt told that although you could disallow JavaScript, he doesn’t recommend the same as it is useful to understand your site very deeply.

Que 9 : How many types of messages do the webspam team send to Webmaster Tools?

Matt Cutts: Roughly 10, He said that currently they do send 100-1000 messages in month, which roughly are 10 different messages. Here is the chart for different kind of messages.

Que 10 : Do you have any Specific tips for news sites ?

Matt Cutts: Try to keep the same story on a single URL as it evolves. Matt Cutts liked this question a lot and said that he tend to keep the particular one. Further he also added the example of Wikipedia in his statement.

A special mention to theshortcutts.com for such a great source of reference. I hope you all guys enjoyed this post.


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