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Vikram Rathod

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October 07, 2014

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10 Best Project Management Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss

There are a number of project management tools available in the market. Each tool differs from another based on the convenience they give it to their users. Still it depends on the purpose of the users and what suits best for them. Whether you have a marketing agency, a network agency, or a new business owner, project management tool forms an essential part as it will help you manage your daily work schedule in an efficient and effective way. It will help you organize client lists, employees work schedule, project deadlines and much more.

Project Manage

Here is a list of the best project management tools.

1) 10,000 Feet
This project management tool offers you the open view at your clients, projects and employees. Launched in 2012, this tool has attracted customers from more than 40 countries.

Key Features:

1) Attractive user interface
2) Ability to track multiple teams
3) Generating highly visual project reports

Price: $49/month up to five members and $199/month up to twenty members.

2) Ace Project
Ace Project gives simple and easy user-interface to aid you with time sheets, activities, documents and costs.

Key Features:

1) Ability to sync with your Smartphone and tablet
2)Giving personalized dashboard and skins

Price: $39/month up to 25 users in “Advanced” package and $59/month for up to 50 users in “Silver” package

3) Insightly
Insightly is ranked number one for Customer Relationship Management on Google Apps Marketplace. This tool is good for the small businesses.

Key Features:

1) Displays the entire history of client conversations
2) Social media integration let you see social media accounts of the customers and helps you
with Social Media Marketing
3) Simple interface and Smartphone compatibility

Price: $7 per month/user in “Standard” edition, but also offers free version to small companies.


4) Asana
Asana tracks your goals and post your milestones, which help you stay concentrated on your goals and achieve them with less effort.

Key Features:

1) Put all conversations and tasks at one place.
2) Gets rid you of emailsUser-friendly interface
3) Ability to collaborate with your Smartphone or tablet

Price: $30 /month up to 15 members in Paid package and also offers a free version up to 15 members.

5) Workamajig
Workamajig is a marketing management tool established around 25 years ago. It has been proved to be the best tool for companies involved in inbound marketing, outbound marketing and other marketing strategies.

Key Features:

1) Gives complete record of employee activity so that they remain productive, but not
2) Let clients to review your work through PDF and make notes and requests.

Price: $38 per month/user with minimum 10 users required, but cost goes down with more users.


6) Basecamp
Providing service over 15 years, Basecamp offers cloud-based management tool to their customers. Some well-known companies like Adidas, Nike and Twitter makes use of this tool.

Key Features:

1) Known as the very reliable tool
2) One-click file sharing system
3) Works on any device and web browser

Price: Package starts from $20/month and goes to $150/month depends upon storage space and projects.

7) Huddle
Huddle offers a simple, but efficient way to collaborate any content. This cloud-based management tool lets you share files securely with others.

Key Features:

1) Offers brilliant dashboard that puts crucial information on the top of your to-do list
2) Let you integrate other apps to optimized Huddles performance.
3) Separate messaging system that makes sure your messages do not get mixed with emails

Price: $20 per user/month in “Workgroup” edition and $40 per user/month in “Enterprise” edition.

8) Liquid Planner
Liquid Planner is a simple yet powerful tool, which offers highly advanced scheduling engine along with the social media integration. It provides a great and reliable scheduling system to help you get your project done faster.

Key Features:

1) Priority bases scheduling system
2) Email and calendar integration
3) Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Price: $29 per month/user in “Small team” version, which offers 100 GB of storage and unlimited projects.

Liquid Planner

9) Teamwork Project Manager
Since 2007, Teamwork Project Manager has now over one million users and has been used for over one million projects. It has an appealing and easy-to-use design. Well-known companies like Pepsi and EBay makes use of this tool.

Key Features:

1) Provides Gantt Charts for generating visual details about the project
2) Messaging system for smooth communication with clients or worker

Price: It offers different project plans starting from $12/month and goes up to $99/month.

Team Work

10) Trello
Not much of technical, Trello shows everything up on the dashboard. It focuses only on important features that are essential to optimize the workflow. Famous company Google makes use of this tool.

Key Features:

1) It is Free
2) Easy and simple to use

Price: It is free, but it also has “Gold” edition for $5/month or $45/year.

There are many other projects and marketing management tools in the market, as you will need these tools sooner or later for your business.


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