How To Use StumbleUpon To Get Mass Traffic To Your Website

Posted by Anant Patel

April 02, 2013

Digital Marketing 11 min read

There are innumerable ways to promote your online business and many ways to attract traffic to a site. We could resort to various options, namely PPC, referral – by direct traffic or else organic traffic. Among all the procedures, Referral Traffic is regarded as the crucial one.

The referral traffic process is only possible when the content meets high-quality standards. With good quality SEO, one could surely get organic traffic. StumbleUpon is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic and get maximum referral visits.


StumbleUpon is a well-known bookmarking and social sharing website that allows sharing of favourite web pages and also websites with like-minded people or to those whom you believe that the website may be useful. The best way to increase traffic to a website is to make people stumble upon your favourite sites and also share reviews of the websites with them.

Stumbleupon Friends:

It is significant for any website to attract more and more friends or followers. Having a large group is the best way to promote your website. People may subscribe to a website or a web page back to you if you subscribe to them. More the followers or friends, the more the traffic is driven to a website. The profile becomes more and more strong by adding as many friends and followers as possible. Friends and followers need to be active in order to get good traffic to the website.

Stumbling and Subscription:

StumbleUpon traffic generation relies greatly on how you have discovered or stumbled upon the site. Subscribing back is a good option but one will mainly benefit from voluntary subscribing. To get noted one has to subscribe oneself to others and by stumbling their articles. When one stumbles on articles of fellow active stumblers then these active stumblers would stumble back the same articles. This increases the chances of creating a good impression for the article.

Sharing Information with friends:

StumbleUpon has a sharing option where one can share information with one friend. The friends would recommend the same piece of information to others so that stumbling of the articles goes on. This is one of the best ways to promote any information. We can also send personal messages to friends along with articles with the help of the StumbleUpon toolbar. This makes it very easy to promote our articles and website as well.

StumbleUpon Wiki:

StumbleUpon Wiki is an article base where people could like and submit articles. The articles get published on getting approval. The article becomes visible to all those who visit your site after it gets published. This is another way to drive relevant traffic.

Video Promotion:

Stumbling videos is also a feature in StumbleUpon. Stumbling videos have been allocated a special category where videos regarding a particular article would be shown. In video promotion, one can stumble other’s videos and in return could get their own videos stumbled. Visuals are always preferred by visitors than just simple text. This is also one of the best methods to get high traffic.


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