Enhance Your Google+ Profile with A Custom URL/Username

Posted by Tejas Kirodiwal

November 01, 2013

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A custom URL is something that makes your profile URL readable and recalled easily. For instance, a normal profile on Google+ would look something like this.


Undoubtedly, Google+ has been the buzz of the internet marketing industry since it’s inception. In just a couple of years, this social network has seen tremendous growth, which is commendable. The total number of active Google+ users has now reached 250 million, and the count is still on.


The long id at the end of the URL makes it difficult for people to recall each time they want to visit a profile. Although, it is not possible to set username directly to Google+ URL, there are some ways one could shorten it, in order to make it recognizable and clean. Here are some solutions for the moment.

Custom URL’s offered by Google+

Google+ is now offering vanity URL’s for accounts that are verified and are well established. You will need to type in short versions of the URL like google.com/+abc or plus.google.com/+xyz to access those profile pages.

This feature is slated to roll out steadily and will very soon be available to many users. The pre-requisites are not less than 10 followers, a profile photo and a URL that is at least a month old. These requirements being satisfied, Google will send an e-mail to confirm that a custom URL has been assigned for your Google+ profile.

Google+ has recently announced a search specific feature called Google+ Direct Connect. This feature quickly helps to navigate to a specific Google+ page and even add the page to your circles, while using Google Search. For instance, you could search for a query +pizzahut or +cnn, you will be at once taken to the respective pages, where you could also add them to your circles.

To make your own page eligible for this feature, simply install the Google+ badge on your website. For more details on how to do this, read the post custom URLs for Google+ Page.

The relevancy of your page would be determined by Google based on it’s algorithms. If your page qualifies, you will get a custom URL. Google is in fact giving signals to us to be more active on Google+ by creating engaging posts, updating them regularly and getting more people to add you in their circles. The more popular your page becomes the more chances to get a personalized URL.

Google Profiles

Profile pages are now being redirected to Google+ Profile by Google Profiles. So a profile could be created like this:

Example: https://plus.google.com/+Blurbpoint/about

You could also set the username that you desire because Google Profiles uses your username for the URL. The only drawback of this method is that one may have to create a new Google account to get the profile URL as desired.

Earlier it was possible by visiting this page, and create your profile. There were two options to select from and you can choose the one that has your username and save the settings.

You could still get a vanity URL using your Google ID. So the URL will be https:// profiles.google.com/selected_username


This is a feature helping one to shorten the Google+ profile into a link that is neat and easily remembered. In order to create a shortened version of URL in the format gplus.to/your username, the Google+ profile ID should be given to Gplus. You could have any name that you need, as long as it is available. The drawback here is that the service is not related to Google. You are not guaranteed that you will be the owner of this ID, neither will you be able to do a 301 permanent redirect.

In order to show authority and be easily tracked by the prospects, it is strongly suggested to add Google+ in an online marketing project. Not only is it gaining popularity day by day, but also the dedicated customized URL may work wonders for you or your brand as a whole.


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