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Social Media Marketing

Ever wondered how a simple fan following, likes, shares, comment, tweets and other stuff could actually help you in getting more conversions on your website. Yes, this is what Social Media is all about. From being a hang-out place for young people, social networking websites have evolved to be a huge promotional platform for businesses around the globe.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has spread its wings and how! In the past decade, social networking websites have received tremendous response. Earlier, it was referred to as a medium for the youth to stay connected. However, businesses and Internet marketing companies have realized it's potential and have inclined some part of their online marketing strategies towards social media marketing as well.

It's astonishng to know the package of benefits that Social Media Marketing comes with. It is also necessary to caution all those trying to gain the benefits of Social Media, to use it effectively and efficiently so as to get optimum results. For those who understand how to use Social networking websites, it could prove to be quite a powerful tool. Having stated that, it could also harm your reputation and could lead to dismal results if the basics are not followed properly.

The list of reasons for implementing Social Media in your company's marketing strategy is endless and it is often overlooked as an effective factor for driving traffic. Social media marketing should not be taken for granted. It requires a team of efficient SMM experts who would craft the perfect strategy with your buyer persona in mind. There are so many things included in the implementation of a perfect Social Media Marketing plan as well and only the experts could consider all this.

At Blurbpoint, we make sure that your social media profile page has all the relevant posts and that you get fan following and connections that are real and relevant to your industry. All the shares, likes, comments, tweets are from real users who are seeking information on products and services that you have to offer. So, how does Blurbpoint do it?

Social Media Optimization At Blurbpoint

Technical Approach

Many business organizations don't have an in house team of Social Media Marketing experts which eventually results in their failure. This could also result into a bad online image. They waste their precious time and resources on a failed Social Media project.

At Blurbpoint, we make use of various social media tools to give you an insight on how you are faring on various websites after the project has initiated. Also, we make use of the most updated tools to make sure that relevant content is circulated throughout all social media marketing platforms. We make the whole process as technical as possible.

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Your determined objectives gel with your experts' ideas to develop the best social media strategy for your business. A thorough understanding of your business' activities helps us in researching and identifying the best aspects for your social media marketing project. This invloves the buyer persona, creating an engaging content, finding or creating relevant communities and many other activities which ensures that you get the right kind of following.

At Blurbpoint, it is not a one man team. Our team of self-motivated Social Media Marketing experts have a knack for your industry niche which helps them in laying down the strategy for your online promotion. Your business deserves a level headed approach and our experts are just good with that. The end result is that your business creates a buzz around the social media world propelling the followers to share and like what you post and more traffic driven to your website.

Transparent Approach

Not only with our clients, but we at Blurbpoint, make sure that there is a transparency with all the information shared with the followers on all the social media networking websites. This ensures the visitors trust and long lasting relationship with your brand.

We also make sure that you get regular reports on your social media performance and how your brand name is creating a buzz amongst the users. Also, all the users and communities are relevant to your industry niche and unlike other firms, we don't believe in generating followers just for the sake of it.

The whole process of your business seems transparent as you would be sharing information about it on the social media marketing platform which in turn will win the customers' faith.

    Some of the Biggest Social Media Myths That Should Be Debunked
  • Social Media Marketing just means setting up a profile page: Perhaps, the biggest misconception. It is more that merely creating profile pages. It means staying active as well and engaging your visitors so as to build your brand.
  • Social Media Marketing has no ROI: The business value depends on the intent of the brand. It depends on how exactly the brand is using Social Media to create brand value, capture the insight of the visitor's thinking, expand a community and influence the decision of the buyers along the sales are the key to determining the ROI of social media.
  • My customers are old in age and I don't need it: Out of all the Internet users, Facebook has 56% of them who are more than 50 years old. Internet users are waiting for you to promote your brand to them not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Google+, and many other websites.
  • Social Media Marketing is only about advertising: Many companies make the mistake of looking at social media as just an advertising platform. An effective use of aocial networking requires users' and community engagement. You could also share some other interesting stuff on your space. Remember, it is socializing first and advertising should seem to be a secondary factor to your followers and fellow community users.

Blurpoint's Social Media Mantra:

We see this as an opportunity not only to boost you online reputation, but also to communicate with your customers and better understand their needs. We actually see how your brand is perceived by the users on various social networing websites and create a customized solution increasing the count of positive comments, likes, followers and other factors associated to the website.

Blurbpoint`s SMO Approach
    Our SMM services include:
  • A well planned strategy
  • Effective profile setup and administration of all the social network accounts
  • Various methods to encourage two-way communication
  • Brand-building, maximize sales
  • Analytics and Reports