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What is Social Bookmarking?

Have you ever emailed to a friend or family member and sent them a link to a website which you thought they might find it interesting? If so, you have been involved in social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is the process of tagging up a website and save it for later. Rather than keep them in the Web browser, you are saving the web. And because your bookmarks online, you can easily share them with friends.

Why Blurbpoint’s Social Bookmarking Service is Different?

Social bookmarking is not just a practice of posting links to social networks or other web 2.0 sites. Just submitting your website is not social bookmarking it is just bookmarking. We concentrate our strategies to make your social bookmarking campaign more socialized one. Yes more socialized as it doesn’t make any sense in just to post links on websites if there is no one to see those sharing. It is like you are sharing a maximum interesting stuffs at Face Book but you don’t have a single friend at Facebook to see your sharing. Or you have thousands of Facebook friends but no one likes your single sharing because you may not succeed to win their interest.

Here Blurbpoint differs from other agencies as we specialize in generating that interest, We have very long experience in the Industry as we are serving SEO Services from it’s(SEO) beginning this long experience had educate us a lot and best thing we learned is how to create an likeable content and how to influence the users attention. Well it seems very simple but the fact is very opposite actually it is the toughest part of SEO.

We deeply analyze your website and its services or product and then we research upon the latest promotion trend of your business this will help us a lot to understand about customers and how they research internet before shopping or hiring services which you are providing.

We create maximum interesting content for your website which not only generates interest in users mind but also encourage them to share it or create buzz for your business.

“Our ultimate objective is to add value to your site and attract the attention it deserves. Whether it’s an article, an infographic, an interactive graphic or anything, We will not only create your content, we’ll also use our proven tools to make sure it gets seen and gets results.”

Service Plan

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What Does Social Bookmarking Do For Your Businesses?

Social respect’s to build relationships and have a great time. Marketing forms about transferring a powerful message to specific persons convince them to take action. New web technology is not only connects us, but also connecting the activities that once compartmentalized. The gap is fading between social life and the market.

Experts of web marketing suggest us on a message to viral sharing over multiple platforms of social media communication in a friendly or harmless manner. If done correctly, social promotions can affect all your communication efforts to generate leads from web traffic or by maintaining relations with existing customers, suppliers and employees. Such marketing platforms have never been formed ever before in the history of business which is so cheap and easy to publish and distribute brand messages to the communities of intelligent peoples. Benefits of this kind of marketing for enterprises both large and small are too great to ignore.

Social Bookmarking Service provides a range of benefits that would be difficult to find in another ways of commercialization, Here are some of the instant benefits of Social Bookmarking Services.< p/>

  • It is the most cost effective form of marketing available.
  • It helps you to reach your target market.
  • It feeds traffic to your website.
  • It increases your website rankings.
  • It helps you to bond and impact your target market.
  • It provides a viral marketing component to spread your message.
  • It helps spark online conversations about your brand.
  • It helps you to maintain relationships.

Why Social Bookmarking is perfect for you?

Business today is truly all about social media and its power to influence people. Social media has done a great impact on variety of industries and enterprises in over the last couple of years. The growth of social bookmarking sites as a medium to assist companies to grow can be attributed to the increased number of people who are participating in social bookmarking and networking sites. Nowadays, companies are taking advantage of this and now are adding various strategies for using social bookmarking as part from their enterprise solutions.


With social media sites, companies have the opportunity to chart innovative approaches that encourage their brand exposures. This simple solution allows companies to achieve more with less expense.

Here we would love to share 11 reasons why you should use Social Bookmarking Service.

  • Rapid results
  • It is flexible.
  • This will result in other valuable sources of traffic.
  • Establishing links with social bookmarking is safer than buying links.
  • Social bookmarking users are predictable.
  • It does not require as much as you might think.
  • Branding through social bookmarking is possible.
  • Links can help your rankings in search engines increase rapidly.
  • It enables you to leverage existing traffic.
  • The future of the Internet is social.

What you should expect from Social Bookmarking Services?

Your aims to initiate your own business are finally a reality. And now you are wondering how to spread the word, but you do not a substantial budget for marketing. Then how you reach plenty of people without spending a plenty of cash? Two words: Social Bookmarking.

Our Social Bookmarking service serves you with all the following factors below,

  • Enhanced awareness of the organization
  • The growth in traffic to website
  • Major favorable perception of the brand
  • Able to monitoring conversations regarding the organization
  • Can develop specific marketing activities
  • Enhanced understanding of customer perceptions of your brand
  • Improvement of views regarding your target markets
  • Identifying positive and negative feedback
  • Increase in new business
  • Identifying new opportunities for products or services
  • Ability to measuring the frequency of discussion about the brand
  • Early warning of potential problems for products or services

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