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Search Engine Marketing(PPC Services)

Nearly all search engines allows paid advertising. This distinctive type of advertising assures that your website will have a quick visibility on the search engines. Paid advertising offers the best opportunity to those who desire to speedily build visibility. Paid search advertising is also called Pay Per Click.

Paid Search (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click involves paying a fixed amount per click in order to achieve the desired traffic on your website. Whenever a visitor enters the keywords, selected by you, your brand name will appear in the highlighted section named “Sponsored Results”. The amount that you bid on the keywords, will determine your ranking on the “Sponsored Results.

Blurbpoint makes it sure that your Pay-Per-Click program provides you with an extensively targeted & qualified traffic. Your company's messages are made loud and clear to every customer who is looking for your products and services.

What we can deliver to you with PPC?

Our analytical skills ensure better conversion rate in the form of Reduced spend, Cost-Per-Click, and Cost per Conversion/Lead/Sale along with improved Quality Score with following services:

  • Account Manager
  • Competitor research & benchmarking
  • Account Set Up & Goal Setting
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Account Structure, if needed Restructure
  • Ad Copies Optimization
  • Campaign Level Reporting
  • Transparency – Reports delivered on bi-weekly basis, shared Google Adwords Account access
PPC Journey so far!
Total Number of Projects worked on27
Projects running at the moment18
Total number of Keywords worked on31,965*
Total Amount Spent in Adwords$950,991*
PPC Amenities at BlurbPoint:

Search Visibility:PPC is perhaps the fastest and the most expedient way to appear on search engines. Our experts will launch your PPC campaign in few minutes after thoroughly analyzing the website, to gain qualified conversions for your website.

Cost Reduction: Our expertise in bid management techniques, keyword research, ad testing & optimization of various elements of campaign, helps in cutting down the costs. With the use of best strategies, we don't fail in our promise of getting more conversions for your website.

Maximum ROAS (Return on Advertisement Spending): With extensive PPC ad testing and conversion analysis, our PPC marketing experts make sure that you get the best value for every dollar that you pay as well as the desired conversion rate.

Remarketing Techniques: Remarketing is a technique where our ads are shown to the users while surfing the web. We can create an AdWords campaign in order to display the messages that are highly relevant to the users while they search across the Google Display Network.

Testing capabilities :We give you a tremendous opportunity to test new ideas as far as your online marketing goals are concerned. The testing can be performed on a number of factors including offers or price points, testing marketing message or just improving a PPC campaign.

Exposure on Local and Global platforms : Regardless of the size of your business, PPC allows you to target a specific demographic or geographic market. At Blurbpoint, we make sure that your desired market gets targeted. Accordingly, we setup the project based on your given geographic details so that you can get the optimum conversions.

The niche we worked on includes:

  • Real Estate
  • Debt Management
  • Web Development & SEO
  • Payday Loans
  • ecommerce Portals
  • Health Care
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Law/Legal
Google Adwords Certified Partner’s profile:

As an Adwords Certified Company, BlurbPoint has the stalwarts for Pay-Per-Click, making you get all those qualified conversions. This is the one stop solution for all your marketing needs to achieve success. Based on our expertise, credentials and experience; we believe you can easily count on us for your online business needs. Get In Touch With Us Today for Your PPC needs!

PPC Basic Fees:
  • Set up fees for PPC Campaign is $299.
  • Monthly maintainance fee for a single PPC Account respective to one website is $299 or 12% of the monthly expenditure, whichever is higher.
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