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Choose the best suitable PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION service package to suffice your needs from the plans offered and place your order now!

What is Press Release Distribution?

A press release is just a statement prepared for circulation to the media. The aim of a press release is to provide journalists information that is helpful, accurate and interesting. Do you understand? Useful, accurate and interesting, it's that easy.

What do we do?

Now how we do is really not simple because Press release is about events and it’s very common that many online businesses are not organizing any events. Actually the fact is that for many online businesses it is really a tough thing to organize a kind of event which attract many customers and which can be consider as news.

At Blurbpoint we very deeply analyze your industry and research what and how your consumers are looking for products or services. We plan a strategy and launch polls where we get more detailed idea of your consumers need. Than with your permission we plan an online event or a campaign related to your services or product. Were we attract your consumers to have a look of your products and services this is how you get the 100% chances to introduce yourself and mark your presence in your industry.

We use the news broadcasting websites to gather more and more peoples to your events by which you can reach your business goals.

Service Plan

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Press Release Websites
Press Release Writing
400 Word Press Release
Manual Submission
Detailed Submission Report
Submission Time
8 Days
12 Days
15 Days
20 Days
25 Days
Price per submission

How it helps?

The online press release plays a very important role when it comes to the dissemination of important information and updates on the World Wide Web.

Through online press releases, web site owner might be able to inform the establishment of a new website, priority updates or promoting new products or services. Not just that, the online press release can be able to guarantee additional advertising that can be very precious in obtaining valuable exposure for your business online.

A press release is a written or recorded communication addressed generally to members of the press. It usually serves to advertise a major event that might have some newsworthiness. The importance of online news release is helping to ensure additional advertising an online business or new or existing website.

Exposure is all that concerns the success of an online business or website. It is the only way for many online visitors to know that there is a certain website. A press release is one of the ways you can use to have an online business website or recognized and known over the Internet.

There are a range benefits in terms the use of a news distribution service online to support their public relations efforts, including:

  • News that you are publishing will be indexed by leading news search engines, so it is easier for consumers, journalists and other stakeholders to find. It can also influence your website's search engine results ranking.
  • When your press release comes out through a distribution service, information about your business will be provided to opt-in subscribers through RSS feeds.
  • An extensive network of distribution partners available through a distribution service greatly improves the possibility of being exposed to the right people at the right time.
  • There is a greater likelihood that your news will be collected and listed in the premium news and industry sites.
  • You will be better equipped to continue your success in public relations online tracking tools provided by distribution services.

You need it if?

If you are participating in online advertising, because you want to increase the exposure and profitability for your business, it makes sense to invest in the quality PR distribution. After all, your press releases will have no impact if it has not been done by right people or team. Well online public relation is important, but performing it perfectly is even more important. And this is why Blurbpoint is the primary choice for many website owners when it comes to online promotions.

Below are the reasons why you should choose our Press release distribution services:

  • We provide you very High Visibility Online.
  • We have Extensive Distribution strategy to maximize the potential of your marketing campaign.
  • Our PR drives the maximum Interested Audience towards your website
  • Our service also boost your Search Engine Optimization goals while providing you the maximum quality references from the Internets best PR websites.

Expected Results?

There are many ways to distribute such as television, magazines, newspapers, etc, but the magnitude of the Internet is very powerful. It has the widest range of people accessing information worldwide. Press release is a checked and proven to information known to the appropriate audience. This is very fast and affordable way to bring a supplier closer to its consumers.

There are several benefits of using this method in your SEO operations of a business because it provides greater visibility in the web world. Here are a few results you should expect while we perform a press release distribution for your website.

  • Raising awareness
  • Enhancement of Traffic
  • Brand Building
  • Helps in driving the most targeted audience
  • Boost in sales
  • Viral Marketing

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