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Online Reputation Management

Ever wondered how a simple fan following, likes, shares, comment, tweets and other stuff could actually help you in getting more conversions on your website. Yes, this is what Social Media is all about. From being a hang-out place for young people, social networking websites have evolved to be a huge promotional platform for businesses around the globe.

Online Reputation Management

It is unavoidable for any business to maintain an online presence. Even the biggest of brands have faced the harsh realities of a bad online reputation. In a world where tough competition lies at each and every step, it has become very important to keep a watch at all our competitors' moves, as far as their action towards your brand in concerned. Even unsatisfied customers or your ill-wishers are always looking for an opportunity to post negative comments which hits your brand very badly. Thus, the need of an online reputation management plan which ensures that all such negative reviews and comments are suppressed.

Why do I need online reputation management?

For a simple fact, that there are many enemies out there and you need to be vary of each and every move they take. You need to keep a track of each and every place where your brand is mentioned and what is being said about you. Is it possible for you to keep a track of all these. Well, with all the other business activities, it becomes difficult to keep a check on your online reputation without a specialist.

How could Blurbpoint help you?

At Blurbpoint, we understand how critical and crucial your online presence is. Driving traffic to your website through various Search Engine and Social Media Optimization techniques is one thing, and maintaining a good online reputation is altogether a different thing. So, what is Blurbpoint's take on your online reputation. Let's check it out...

Technical Approach

Just like all the other Internet Marketing strategies, your online reputation management involves a lot of technicalities which if avoided could prove to be disastrous. With continuous evolving of the search marketing industry, even your online reputation could be checked with a number of SEO tools. And Blurbpoint, has taken a pledge to be ahead with the technology. With the availability of a number of features and tools, we ensure that we could keep a check on all the places where your brand has been mentioned and we have experts who are dedicated to do this.

Strategic Approach

After tracking out your brand mention around the World Wide Web with our brand reputation monitoring system, we keep a record of all the positive or negative reviews and comments and see how they are affecting your brand. Let's see how this works out:

  • Your customer is unsatisfied with your services and thus enters negative comments on various review websites. Even your competitors could resort to such negative tactics.
  • The negative online reviews would appear on major sites and on search engines results as well.
  • A new customer would type in your brand's name on the search engine and finds your brand has a lot to be desired. In fact, your brand is a disaster.

Yes, it is a point of concern. However, Blurbpoint makes sure that all the negative reviews are supressed with our strategies that will counter-attack your enemies in a way that they will go way down in search engines' rankings. Also, we will make sure that a well-planned social media activity takes place so that your brand gets a more positive exposure. We would also get in touch with the websites' to have the negative reviews and comments removed informing them that the reviews are false and have been given with the intention of disrupting your brand.

Transparent Approach:

Each and every activity will be taken care of and be reported to all our clients. A transparent approach will ensure that all the aspects of your business to be promoted are shared throughoutt the web in order to win the customer's trust for you.

We will give out all the details regarding the negative reviews and how they are being tackled. At blurbpoint, we have a transparent approach amongst our team and also with our clients.

  • A thorough analysis of your current online reputation
  • Report on which keywords you need improvement
  • Suggestion on the changes to your web properties
  • Gathering positive press from you to help build up reputation
  • Status updates provided on a regular basis
  • Supression of all the negative reviews to give light to the positive aspects of your firm.
Our ORM Mantra:

Customer dissatisfaction is something you cannot avoid in any business. So, it is better to take all the required measures to ensure that your online reputation does not just vanish away in dark. Blurbpoint makes sure that you get a full control over the online search results that mentions your brand. Search results have the capacity to make or break your business. 90% of people would not go past the first page of the search results. And having your name in a bad taste on the very first page is only going to add to your worries.

This is where Online Reputation Management comes in and this is what Blufbpoint is an expert in. Get in touch with us today to know how you are faring online.