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What is On-Page optimization?

In the simplest words every thing what you can see on any webpage are the part of on-page optimization. On-page is a practice of every thing you do to improve your website whether it is about improving your website usability, improving website speed, improving content or even making it more attractive all the things which can help your website to interact more with its visitors can be called on-page factors. In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers as factor which can influence your website ranking in organic search results.

What do we do?

    Before we start to explain you what we do for your website. We would love to introduce you with on-page factors which influence search engine ranking.

  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Important HTML Tags
  • Content of page
  • Keyword Optimization & Synonyms
  • Link Optimization
  • Image Optimization

    Above are the factors which Google consider while identifying the value of the webpage which it use while ranking a webpage. So here we go.

    Well as now you know what on-page is and what are the factors which can be consider as on-page. So from this we all have to accept the fact that every website on the internet has implemented on-page optimization but one more fact is not all the website ranks at the 1st page of search engines. Well the reason behind is very simple and obvious. And that is just that not all the websites had implemented SEO and its factor as well as the websites who are at the first page. It takes a lot to rank a website at the top so just performing basics is not enough you have to implement some thing extra ordinary and that extra ordinary is just the smart logics and intelligent strategies.

    We at Blurbpoint are the experts to know how to create those intelligent strategies and where to implement that smart logics. We deeply analyze your website and your business industry which helps us to understand complexity of your industry and your websites. We find the technical qualities of your website and use them as lethal weapons to dominate your competitors. We understands that not all website owners have the flexibility to reconstruct their website that is the reason we perform website audit first to discover the technical qualities but as with our large experience we had seen many website which are very badly architect and had no scoop. So at that time we had no other option but to reconstruct or redesign a website to make it just perfect by which search engines can like it and its users can love it.

Service Plan

startup business
Total Pages
In-Depth Keyword Research
Page Title and Meta Tag Generation
Broken Link Check
Site Map Creation
Robot.txt Creation
Content Optimization
W3C Validation
Help in Cross Browser Compatibility
Link Structure Optimization
URL Mode Re-Write
Competitor Analysis
Google Analytics Setup
Keyword Specific Pages
Search Engine Submission

How it helps?

Search engines are considered as one of the principal axes for traffic at the present time. Search engines are responsible for 70 to 80% of the total web traffic for your website, and this is the only reason that all the website owners have only one goal and that is to achieve the top rankings in search engines. On page optimization plays the major role when it comes to rank your website.

Below are some of the advantages of performing on-page optimization

  • On-Page let you target your region of business.
  • It provides Targeted Traffic
  • It increase Increase Visibility
  • High ROI (Return on Investment) is guaranteed.
  • It assists Long term positioning
  • It is very Cost-effective
  • It provides flexibility to change or implement.
  • It provides results which can be measured.

You need it if?

Well it is needless to say why you need on-page services because it is the fact that you are website owner and as a website owner all you need is just more and more visitors. Still we love to explore reasons why you should choose it.

Below are the reasons why you need on-page for your website.

  • On-page can help you achieve your business goals
  • Brand visibility / findability
  • It is cheap as compare to paid marketing.
  • And even paid marketing also needs a support of on-page.
  • On-page optimization helps you build a better website.

Expected results?

Below are some results which you should expect while we performing on-page optimization for your website.

  • Online visitor action
  • Online brand development
  • Online market penetration
  • Online visitor-to-customer conversion

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