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Link Wheel Overview

Touted as a very powerful and latest method that can drive prospects to your web page from different locations, Linkwheel service is one the best internet marketing strategy that one should not miss. The entire process relies on connecting to relevant web 2.0 blog to your site to different sites that have web 2.0 properties. When unique content related to the specific niche of your website is created and submitted in these web 2.0 property sites.

What is LinkWheel Creation ?

In Linkwheel, the links between your website and the other web 2.0 property sites is in the form of a wheel that is linked and hence the name. Search engines likes content and especially values these kinds content is qualitative as well as related to the website or connected with the client`s website in one way or the other. Our linkwheel experts will deliver your requirement with top notch quality by engaging in the apt linkwheel creation that will prove to be fruitful for your online business.

Our linkwheel creation experts will provide exclusive content in the form of articles with reference to interwoven on the topics related to your website with the keywords that would lead to your website too. Once you approve the final article, we will create a single article per page and post in the web 2.0 property websites and socially bookmark them along with submitting them to blog directories.

Service Plan

startup business
Web 2.0 Property Creation
Unique Content
Pinging to each post
Manual Submission
Detailed Submission Report
Submission Time
15 Days
20 Days
25 Days
30 Days
50 Days

LinkWheel Creation Key Features

  • Through our link wheel service, website related content in the form of articles are posted on different web 2.0 property sites.
  • With right linkwheel creation, you can get organic searches from all directions.
  • Can have your presence in the major social bookmarking sites which are the latest sensation with many people.
  • The linkwheel that is formed is what makes this online marketing strategy very different from the other strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

      What is linkwheel?
  • In Linkwheel creation service, we create content on different web 2.0 property creation website. First text link point will to client`s website and second one to next web 2.0 article.
    • Can you provide sites that you are going to use in Linkwheel service?
  • Yes we provide sites that can be used in link wheel, and some of the sites which we use are wordpress, livejournal,,,, and for creating link wheel.
    • Do I have to provide content for linkwheel service or you are going write it?
  • In Linkwheel creation plan we are going to write content as mentioned in plan.

Expected Results

The amount of unique visitors are always measured to know the success of the website. Link Wheel, just as the name describes, are the links to each other websites in the form of wheel. One of the major benefit that you can get from Link Wheel is the increased ranking in the website search result query. It is also designed to provide a large number of backlinks to the targeted website. Not only the search engine providers but the normal Internet users can easily grab the attention to your website, all with the functions of link wheel. The methods this process include are exactly the same that search engines used to calculate the rankings of the website. Link wheel, alone, probably not give you the guarantee of reaching the heights of reputation. However, they do increase the possibilities of achieving better ranks in search engines.

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